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Scott: Horniest Student “Disgusting” And “Vulgar”

Alex Scott shares her view on Britain's horniest student

November 25, 2013 · Alex Scott

Recently, Elina Desaine was officially crowned the UK’s horniest student by ShagAtUni for keeping a “shag list” and sleeping with up to three men a week at Exeter University. Desaine claims that alcohol enables her to become “even hornier” and that “sometimes I go clubbing, have sex with someone, and then go back to the club to pick up my second victim.”

Firstly, it goes without saying that this is disgusting. The details provided by Desaine into how she acquires her ‘victims’ is vulgar enough, before you discover that she was awarded £500 for this type of behaviour. Why would you designate such a large amount of money to a woman that can demonstrate her sexual demeanour publicly and be proud of it? She has been rewarded for keeping a “shag list” of her victims: surely the common expectation is that you are aware of whom you are sleeping with and that you shouldn’t need to accumulate a list to remember who you wake up next to in the morning.

Secondly, what is this saying about sex? It is quite clear that over time sex has been considered as a recreational activity far more than previous generations. Having sex outside the confinements of marriage is by no means a crime and I am in not condemning a liberal approach towards it. But, with the nature of the act being so intimate, why on earth would you want to air your dirty laundry in such a public environment? It reduces the idea of sex as a declaration of emotion and in reality is an invitation to a Chlamydia party.

The Huffington Post article said that “Desaine who has nicknamed herself ‘Slutvian’, is studying IT Business Management at the Russell Group institution and says she has sex with at least two or three different people a week.”

Does this girl genuinely believe that she will walk out of her degree obtaining any job offers from anywhere else other than a brothel? We are living in a society of increasing opportunities for women; there are an abundance of women who strive to promote the concept of femininity as a beneficial input into a business environment. This student is doing none other than making the notions of powerful businesswomen redundant. To behave in such a way is a personal choice: whatever she may engage in behind closed doors is none of our business; yet, she is sending out a public message that women should be rewarded for publicising indecent sexual behaviour, including her all time goal to sleep with her university lecturer.

Thirdly, Tom Thurov, creator of the ShagAtUni site that launched the competition said:

“I love the fact that she uses her position in the computer science club to have sex in the computer room.”

I can’t speak for everyone, but when I approach Haslegrave to begin my formative assignments, I’d most likely vomit if I thought that someone had just had sex within inches of my keyboard. I’m also certain that parents and students would be less than impressed with the prospect of their fees contributing towards the maintenance of university facilities, which are abused by this individual that uses it for non-educational purposes.

Desaine allegedly “strips naked to the Baywatch theme tune when it plays in a club” and considers it as an example of her “proudest moments”. I actually feel quite sorry for her that she doesn’t have a hobby that distinguishes her from the abilities of the rest of the population. No wonder the government are fretting about providing better sex education.

Alex Scott

Alex Scott

Alex Scott

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  • Amelia Roberts

    Is it time to stop judging a woman’s personal choices and start writing relevant, objective, fair and unbiased articles?

  • Ben

    She enjoys sex and exudes confidence, she may be classless and open about it but who are you to judge her for enjoying herself? Just because you don’t like her style and she wouldn’t be your choice of nameless pull in Echoes, doesn’t give you the right to publicly shame her for what you deem to be disgusting and vulgar.

    Sexual promiscuity does not indicate lack of intelligence, I would propose that as a person who knows what she wants and isn’t ashamed of going and getting it, if she were to direct her goals to business she would make an excellent businesswoman, albeit with a past and possibly a reputation that others may find distasteful.

    You are correct in saying that sex is a declaration of emotion, however the emotions that you and her share during sex are clearly different; she wants sex, and so she gets it. Satisfaction and enjoyment. I would imagine you experience lonely pessimism with a hint of repressed lust.

    Saying that her job opportunities are restricted to a brothel is simply offensive. As a journalist you should know more than most that your right to freedom of speech ceases when you openly cause offence to others. I suggest that you find something of importance to report on rather that pointing out faults in others, unless you’re after a job in the daily mail as a professional gossip.

  • Ellie

    You clearly didn’t get that this whole thing was a huge PR stunt.

    However I still feel the need to respond to this article because the slut shaming and internalised misogyny in this article is quite frankly appalling.

    You say ‘Does this girl genuinely believe that she will walk out of her degree obtaining any job offers from anywhere else other than a brothel?’ and then say what she engages in behind close doors is her own business.

    Of course it is and it’s her business to therefore share as she pleases, I myself wouldn’t personally declare my conquests in such a manner but it has sweet FA to do with her employers. If she is right for a job then her sexual activities should be nothing to do with it.

    Also who are you to judge what qualifies as disgusting and vulgar. Unless someone is having sex on your bed whilst you’re trying to sleep then their sex life really isn’t yours to comment on.

    And then we come to my personal favourite: ‘Why would you designate such a large amount of money to a woman that can demonstrate her sexual demeanour publicly and be proud of it?’ OH GOD HOW DARE A WOMAN BE PROUD OF HER SEXUAL FREEDOM. It’s not like women have fought for decades to secure such sexual freedom. You seem to encourage women seeking equality in the boardroom but infer that their equality in the bedroom would negatively affect this?

    Of course female equality shouldn’t come down to ‘girls can shag around as much as boys do’ but you seem so repulsed by her behaviour based purely on the fact she is female. Would you really be this outraged if Elina was male?

  • Rachael

    It’s not the fact that she sleeps with loads of people..frankly, a man or woman can do what they want. It’s the fact that she is getting paid for it, and it is celebrated, which is equalling her to a prostitute.