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Extortionate Student Parking Costs Should End

November 20, 2012 · Zak Evans

With students currently under more financial strain than ever, I have a burning question. Why does Loughborough University persist in charging such high prices for car parking permits?

For myself, living on the South Coast and a £76 train journey away, the only option is to bring my car to University and pay the extortionate £120 price tag that it is for a parking permit on campus; although this is the minimum amount students are paying, with some students having to pay up to £300 dependent on the Co2 emissions of their vehicle.

After looking at the prices that University staff members pay to park their cars on campus, it is clear that an immediate change is required.

Students are currently paying approximately the same amount as staff on a salary of £46, 846 and above (Grade 8 pay scale), something I feel is not acceptable.

With parents having to park at the Union pay and display car park and having to walk to meet their children, as well as students who have been home to collect belongings not being allowed onto campus, this is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

On Loughborough University’s website, there is a note for staff:

“You will have read in the Vice Chancellor’s e-newsletter in May that, after several months of discussions between the University and trade unions, the new charging structure for car parking on campus has now been agreed.

“The scheme is still based on the CO2 emissions of vehicles, but two significant changes have been made: discounts have been introduced, based on the salary banding of members of staff, and the new charges will be phased in over a three-year period, starting from 1 August 2012.”


Loughborough Students Union President, Ellie Read told The Epinal:

“I feel really strongly about this issue and believe it is grossly unfair the students are expected to pay the same as their professors. There are already rules in place to ensure that only students who really need a car are bringing them onto campus and yet the prices make it extortionate for any student that needs to do so.

“I have taken this issue to the university and have had some but moderate success in changing the price for PhD students, however we are still really determined to get this changed so that the pricing structure no longer discriminates unfairly against [all] students.”

Hopefully, with the support of the Students’ Union and The Epinal, as well as the voice of all students affected, we can collectively make a positive impact on the way in which the students have to pay the equivalent amount to park their cars on campus as their senior lecturers.

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Zak Evans

Zak Evans

Zak is Chair of Hazlerigg-Rutland Hall.
Zak Evans
Zak Evans

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  • Mark Rogers

    What happens if you put your car down as perhaps a Prius (or some other lower band) pay your price and then bump it up to a tank/mustang (something with a ridiculous band) do they charge you twice? Just say you purchased a new car?

  • Dave

    Did you do any research as to the cost of alternative parking? How much would it cost to park a car in a privately owned, secure car park for a year? I would guess considerably more.
    Students, primarily live on campus or in town and so to not need a car for a daily commute, whereas many staff do.
    If you require a car to get home and object to paying the university for their service, park on local roads or in a secure car park instead.

  • Chris

    The parking charges are meant to dissuade students from bringing their cars onto campus. If it were cheaper, everyone would bring their cars in, leaving no room for the staff and students that have a viable reason to have one.
    I’d say it was working and should stay as it is.

  • Hattie

    It is worse for off campus or UNITE halls, It is £300 for everyone!