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Most Successful Union Council Elections Ever?

October 29, 2012 · James Carroll

The nominations for Union Councillor Elections 2012 are in and it looks like the torrent of Facebook advertising co-ordinated by the Vice President for Democracy and Communication Ali Cole has paid off. Clearly students have taken heed of Andrew Lawton’s earlier comment piece.

After what seemed like an endless supply of infographics designed by Ali informing anyone who’d look all about council, a huge number of people have signed up to represent their students. With an impressive 48 candidates representing 20 departments this years election is likely to claim the title of “Most successful Union Council election ever”.

What’s more is that there is fierce competition in some areas, English, for example, has five councillors contesting only two vacancies. I hope that this will further promote Union Council as a representative body for students!

Best of all, when the votes are counted and winners announced, Council will be made up of 42 councillors. The highest number in my memory, a number set to ensure this year’s council is the most effective, most representative and most successful yet.

While Ali should be congratulated on the number of councillors running in this election, a council of 42 members is still less than the maximum of 65. And while I do believe it is quality over quantity when selecting a union council, it is a shame that two departments have no councillors while some enthusiastic students will, after voting, effectively be turned away due to the smaller size of their department.

Andrew Lawton – Editor

James Carroll

James Carroll

James is a former Council Chair at Loughborough Students' Union.
James Carroll
James Carroll

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  • Lewis

    a year and what happened to those Councillors? so many signed up and elected but how many times was quorum not nearly met? how many did actually attend?