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Is Laziness The Cause Of Student Unemployment?

July 10, 2013 · Katie Gupwell

With thousands of students graduating each year, I cannot help but wonder if there are enough jobs out there for our budding graduates.  Despite our students’ aspiring hopes, HR Magazine points out that it is not just the availability of jobs that appear scarce.

HR reports claim that one in five students are now leaving university without work experience, which seems to severely limit their chances of gaining a successful career. As employers seek great skills, ambition and energetic drive in their future employees, it appears some students fail to make the mark with their lack of work experience standing as a major hurdle on their final leap to success.

As a student currently seeking summer employment, I understand just how difficult it is to find a working role, with past experience appearing a necessity for practically every job I have applied for. Despite the fact that I have never encountered a paid job, my past summers have been filled with work experience placements and volunteer duties, which have been regarded equally valued within the application system.

As I look at the figures from HR Magazine, I sit here thinking “how is it possible?” Yes, it is evident that our studies must come first. It is clear that you must be capable of balancing a working life with your university studies, but let’s face it, on a yearly basis students have far more free time than they have scheduled to study, so are there really any excuses for a lack in effort? With holiday breaks, reading weeks and never-ending summers being handed to us on a plate, it begs us to question – can students really say that we do not have any time to work?

Look around. Summer is here, and it’s offering internships, work placements and summer camp opportunities at every corner. HR Magazine makes it clear that up to a fifth of students are highly lacking key skills, such as self-management, problem solving and even the basic attitude to work.

With this idea in mind it seems foolish to waste the lengthy summer months we have ahead by lazing in the sunshine, and boozing at the local bars. Employers are making it clear that greater work experience provides you with greater chances of employment, and with the university clock ticking by the day, it seems we students should be grasping all opportunities of work with both hands.

Experience is no longer considered as a handy CV booster. Instead, it could be the difference between your application progressing to an interview or quite simply, flying into the trash.

Katie Gupwell

Katie Gupwell

Katie Gupwell

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