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Earl: The Time For Radical Student Politics Is Back

December 1, 2013 · Harry Earl

Across the campuses of the universities of the UK a storm is brewing. This storm has been created by the actions of our current coalition government in potentially the biggest backstabbing of the student population. This decision could leave many people who are bright and smart unable to access university due to the financial pressures that studying at university would bring.

As you read this article, the government has announced that the student loan book could be privatised in 2015. This potentially may lead to lifting the low interest cap that graduates currently pay, meaning that those who have graduated between the years of 1998 to 2012 could have to pay more.

Students, this cannot be accepted. We’re paying homage to a government that is mugging us off. If we do not react, if we do not protest, then our generation could potentially be the next people who could be burdened by higher interest payments on our already costly tuition and accommodation fees.

The National Union of Students and The Students Assembly Against Austerity have to step up here. They need to prove why students should put their faith in the respective organisations. They need to protect those students who need finical protection from a government which is hungry to make a profit of everything and everyone.

So get out there. Shout, stomp or do whatever you feel is right to attract attention to the crisis that could cost the student population millions in extra cash that we do not have.

In a time of austerity, when there are limited jobs, bills are going up and house prices are rising we are now expected to raise more funds in order to pay for interest on our fees? This will cripple student economically unless your family has a remarkable personal wealth to fund your life after university. If this applies to you, then count yourself lucky.

I repeat with great urgency that we have to, as a student body, gang up and state to the government via whatever means that we say no to these proposals. We need to be radical and we need to stand strong. If the government thinks that they can simply pass this legislation without any fuss then they’re wrong. We have to defend the right of higher education for those who deserve it the most.

Harry Earl

Harry Earl

Harry is former Comment Editor of The Epinal and is chair of LSU Debate Society.
Harry Earl

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  • Sigh

    It has (and always has) been said that any privatisation of the loan book will not affect interest rates for the students who have them. The profit for private companies comes from the government selling the loan book for slightly less than the total value over a large number of years. Both parties benefit and the students remain in the same position.

    This is just trying to rile people up about clear and already many times clarified positions.

    “a government which is hungry to make a profit of everything and everyone.”

    Governments don’t make profits. They almost always lose money…it just depends on whether you vote for a government who want to get us into more debt or one that wants to get us into a whole load more debt than that. Those are your only choices.

    • The Teller of Truth

      I disagree…I think at some point in the future the interest rates will be fiddled with . Also if Loan sharks own the loans what’s not to stop them saying ‘well we own the loans we’ll set whatever terms we want.’ It’s a very serious problem that no one seems to care about. Besides this is just doing exactly what caused the whole finical crisis in the first place : giving loans to people who can’t afford to pay them back and then selling them on and on. It’s got to end somewhere and it aint gonna be pretty.