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The Exec Song: What Just Happened?

October 28, 2013 · Harry Earl

So, ladies and gentleman, urm, I don’t where to begin. There is a video that is lingering like a bad smell on the Facebook and YouTube accounts of Loughborough students across campus. That is, the Exec’s cover naughty Boy’s hit ‘La La La’. I will never understand why they have made this video. Whoever attempted to make this should go and sit in a dark corner and ask why they even bothered to waste four minutes of our lives to watch the most tone deaf version of a song I’ve ever listened to.

This is the first time we’ve ever had multiple people requesting us to write about something so I will oblige willingly. There have been numerous criticisms from The Student Room which ranges from “Cringing” to stating that this isn’t giving the best impression of the Union.  The Student Room is a forum where prospective students enquire about all things university. Surely we want the best of Loughborough University being discussed on there. Not a video that makes a three in the morning karaoke session sound like a Radio One Live Lounge session.

As we all know, the internet is the fiercest critic and from Reddit to YouTube, this video has been criticised by the full force of the keyboard warriors. The Exec’s song had been given 92 dislikes to seven likes before they turned off the rating system. The top comment before they disabled comments, seemed to sum up all our feelings towards this video with TeaCupRage stating:

“This is the worst thing I’ve watched.”

I literally do not understand why they have made this video. In terms of PR, it’s an absolute disaster. The fact that when the exec is trying to justify the electorates’ faith in them they churn out this disaster, really doesn’t fill me with much hope for what goes on for the future.

The logic behind this video is baffling. I mean, first of all, I think we can all settle on the fact that it’s awful but, what’s with these new uniforms? They look like 1980s throwbacks that have gone tragically wrong.  Their dancing at the first thirty seconds of the film looks like some of the shapes your grandma would pull.

I think this video’s finest hour comes at two minutes and fifteen seconds into the video.  One of the Exec boasts you can “gain some professional experience in media”. This is almost a laughable statement from a bunch of people who for four minutes make themselves look like utter fools via the power of media.

Yeah, we all know the execs are doing a pretty good job at the moment and they do work pretty long hours, but they do no favours to their reputation here by suggesting through this video that they spend all day trying to choreograph this pile of crap. They don’t need to be all “look at me! Wooooo I’m Exec wooooo!” They just need to do their jobs quietly and effectively.

There are those people who would say that there is no such thing as bad publicity, but producing a shambolic video that results in censoring the comments section on their YouTube video is not good publicity.

Now, I know this may appear to be The Epinal getting on its high horse again but there is a genuine reason behind this article. The Exec represent the students of Loughborough, not just within campus but throughout the country. They should behave accordingly.  When running for the positions they were elected for, each candidate demonstrated how seriously they took the role and believed in its importance, yet now when they are being criticised, VP Finance and Commercial Services, Zak Evans is asking on Facebook “Why does everyone HATE fun?” Suggesting that instead of professionals, they’re still just students having a laugh. A long way from what they were elected for.


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Harry Earl

Harry Earl

Harry is former Comment Editor of The Epinal and is chair of LSU Debate Society.
Harry Earl

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  • Caleb

    “Whoever attempted to make this should go and sit in a dark corner and ask why they even bothered to waste four minutes of our lives to watch to the most tone deaf version of a song I’ve ever listened to” – Incredible

  • Guest

    Same should be applied to reading this article

  • Sam

    To take Zak’s comment about fun out of context is a little out of order. The whole ‘hating fun’ line is a private joke posted on his own personal Facebook page with origins away from this video.

    However, having said that, I cant argue with anything else said in the article. Its truly woeful and reminds me of a CBeebies advert.

  • Guest

    “There are those people who would say that there is no such thing as bad publicity, but producing a shambolic video that results in censoring the comments section on their YouTube video is not good publicity.”
    It amuses me that you are all taking such offence to this video bringing negative publicity, when all the Epinal seems to do is negatively comment on the University and Union, and make a mountain out of every little molehill. Whilst the video may not be the best, it’s probably not a good angle to take the stance that it’s degrading the Uni when nearly every Epinal article does just that.

    • George Martindale

      The Epinal aren’t paid and elected to represent the Union in a positive light.

  • High Horse


  • Pigs have flown!

    Quote Epinal: “Yeah, we all know the execs are doing a pretty good job at the moment”

    Jago must be turning in his Epinal grave.

  • Jack Lodge

    Agree with Sam, the ‘HATING fun’ is out of context. It has nothing to do with how seriously and professionally he takes his job, which I know he gives the utmost care and attention.

    Apart from that though, couldn’t agree more. This monstrosity would put me off coming to Loughborough, it doesn’t really give any indication of what we’re actually about and is a really poor, knock off version of last year, which was hardly Oscar winning material…

    • Fernando

      Problem is, at least last year’s was well produced and the lyrics fitted the music… This years is far too self indulgent and is so, so off topic. Makes the union seem very uninspiring.

  • freddie

    Sadly, The Epinal is now also ” a pile of crap”. The quality of the writing has plummeted since the start of term- “I literally do not understand …” hello? Is this a serious piece of journalism from a representative of a highly academic university criticising a PR disaster? The irony is depressing, unless The Epinal is now attempting a new kind of ironic journalism which attempts to match its level of criticism with cliched, very boring writing.

  • Guest

    I think the real question the video poses is; what the hell is Dave Tingle still doing there?! I swear he left exec and graduated etc back when I was a fresher!

    • union council member

      No one ran for his position. He ran again unopposed. (people were groaning in the union council chambers when that happened. but no choice)

  • Secret squirrel

    Yeah, it has 167 down votes, not 92

  • Lady Gaga

    I think the more serious point we’re all missing here is that it’s still better than Venus.

  • Sarah

    I’m ashamed to be a student here after seeing the video. Who would allow that to be posted onto the internet? It’s not at all amusing. Is there a petition we can sign to take the video down from Youtube?

  • Guest

    Don’t you think you should be writing articles in remembrance of the two Loughborough students who recently passed away? Get your priorities right Epinal. Shocking.

    • Louise Tompkins

      One of our writers has been working on a piece about Nayim but we weren’t aware of another incident. If you would like to contribute a remembrance piece for either of these students, please feel free to send it to

  • Guest

    Fun or no fun, the video is a PR disaster. Embarrassing for the Exec and as a result it reflects poorly on the University. There are two worrying fact here; firstly that not one person within the group took a sense check before this was published to the internet and secondly that the video is still there. Definitely time to accept defeat and take it down.

  • guest

    It just gets better….

  • David

    Your job Harry is to ensure opinion pieces are of excellent quality and relevant to affairs on campus. Is this piece offering both of those? Questionable.

    Perhaps, as you so eagerly slate the LSU team for spending their time making a video, which you believe isn’t fairly representing execs around the country, others should be spending time pulling your article to pieces. Does the quality of your article represent comment editors across the country they could ask themselves? A starting point would be to identify the poor use of punctuation.

    Over the years LSU has helped so many students – providing much needed support, advice, happiness and opportunities. Big deal the singing wasn’t in tune. In an amusing way it got some of the services across to the audience, that LSU do indeed offer in abundance. I would say it had far greater positive impact than your article about it did.

  • Dave

    I hate this years song! Anyways does anyone remember the 2010/2011 song? Tried finding it but can’t! :( That years song was one of the best the LSU exec has ever done!