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Executive Elections: Final Words

March 2, 2013 · Jago Pearson

Turnout in the Executive Elections vindicates Ali Cole’s reforms like nothing else can. The lack of candidates however, as he admits, remains disappointing.

I said on LSUTV’s Results Night Live that the campaigning period lacked the razzmatazz of years gone by. It’s true, the ‘buzz’ was certainly different this time around.

Maybe that was because we had a weaker set of campaigns in 2013. Maybe that did have something to do with the £100 budget.

But on the whole, the elections were a huge improvement. The advent of The Bubble Debate and the presence of this publication offered some much needed scrutiny that has been previously vacant in Loughborough’s ‘democratic’ process.

1500 live viewers on each of The Bubble Debate elections specials and 65,000 hits on The Epinal’s content this month exemplifies the interest that this event still provokes on campus.

Cole’s changes should remain in place. There should be no debate about that.

What Hannah Chrisp will have to consider is why only 17 out of 16,000 Loughborough students think the Exec provides the ‘ultimate graduate job’. Nothing Ali Cole could have done would have been able to change the reality that an Executive job simply isn’t.

If we had more people running, scrutiny would have had more teeth. Only in Loughborough could ludicrous and impossible pledges be exposed and yet candidates still waltz to victory. Unfortunately, that did happen once again.

Congratulations must go to the ten victors. Special mention should go to Paul Nanson and Sarah Haar who won close races for Rag and Action respectively. They will both have a great time in office. As should Josh Hurrell, who could well turn out to be the best Union President we’ve had in recent history.

As for The Epinal, I hope we have provided a valuable source of information for our readers. From news to analysis, the team has worked its socks off to produce the best content it possibly can.

The polls? They were absolutely bang on once again. I have now been involved in doing them for three years and each time they have been right. Remarkable.

Thank you for reading and thank you to the VP Democracy & Communications – the best in my time at Loughborough University.

Jago Pearson

Jago Pearson

Jago is Director of The Epinal Limited.
Jago Pearson
Jago Pearson

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