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Cole To Recommend Changes Maintained

March 2, 2013 · Sophie Howard

Ali Cole, Vice President of Democracy and Communications has spoken about the election campaign experience and is to recommend newly elected Hannah Chrisp maintains the major changes he introduced this year.

Writing in his blog, Cole states that he would recommend the budget cap of £100 is implemented again in next year’s elections.  However he does state that a review of how this budget is managed is needed. He also recommends that the shortened campaigning period of ten days is maintained.

Cole also says that it would be beneficial to keep media week, but states that some changes to this will be needed in order for it not to become too time-consuming. Speaking about the media side of election, he also states that he believes this year’s hustings were the most viewed online compared with previous years; another success about this year’s elections campaign.

The return of live hustings for next year was also backed by Cole, with the reservation that this relies heavily on volunteers in order to make it a success as there is a lot of work to be done in such a short time period.

The Epinal understands that another change he would make to future elections would be the removal of ballot stations, replacing these with volunteers on iPads going around campus encouraging people to vote that way instead.


You can read Editor-in-Chief Jago Pearson’s final words on the Executive Elections here and Editor Andrew Lawton’s analysis of Cole’s recommendations0 here.

Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard
Sophie Howard

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  • Former Exec Member

    Decent article… volunteers on ipads wandering round soliciting students to vote – are you kidding me??!!

    That idea lays itself wide open to the obvious outcome that these ‘volunteers’ could unduly influence the way students vote and corrupt the process. Bad idea put it back in its box and never bring it back out.

    The argument of creating increased turnout is a false one – it would be much better to have an educated electorate and absolutely the big failure of the Union is not attracting candidates to stand in the first place. This should be the focus.