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Disaster For “Despicable Danni”

Exec Elections candidate faces unfortunate accident just before campaigning starts

February 12, 2014 · The Epinal Elections

Rag candidate, Danni Hitchins has had an unlucky start to elections after being involved in a horse riding accident on Saturday, the day before the Exec Elections Live Reveal.

She sustained a spinal injury after a horse fell on her, crushing her into a post and rail fence. This incident left Hitchins unconscious, and after a visit to A&E,  she is now having to spend the whole of the election process wearing crutches.

Unfortunately for Hitchins, this is making the process of door-knocking and moving around campus much harder as she is unable to stand for long periods of time. Therefore, the plans she has made for the election period have had to be changed. Consequently, Hitchins’ campaign team will now be door-knocking on her behalf in order to make sure that she has a strong presence on campus despite her injury.

When speaking to the Epinal, she said:

“Whilst it has been very difficult to follow the campaign plan that we had in place, I’m making the most of the situation and still trying to reach out to as many people as possible.”

Hopefully Hitchins will have a speedy recovery.

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Posted by on February 12, 2014. Filed under Elections.
  • Simren

    Simpathy vote… She fell of her pony

  • jen

    poor girl!

  • Laura

    i definitely think being crushed into a fence is a bit more than just falling off a pony ‘Simren’