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Head Of Media Offers Most Promising Candidates So Far

February 17, 2014 · Simran Purewal

I think it is fair to say that the battle for Head of Media has definitely been a tough one this year. All three candidates have conducted themselves very well during the last seven days, with strong commitment to campaigning and sensible manifestos.  I can only imagine that it is going to be hard for many students to choose whether they should vote Wilkes, Traies or Reynolds when voting opens today.

After speaking to Traies, I can definitely say that he has the strongest experience in the section. His skillset is varied and many of the videos that he has produced look so ridiculously professional that it is almost hard to believe that a student has made them. Not to mention, he has been one of few candidates who have not just bored me with a rehearsed ‘vote for me’ speech, but have genuinely seemed as though he wants to speak to students about their thoughts on the section that he is running for.  Therefore I am sure that many students who have spoken to Traies over this election period will be voting for him as he has conducted himself very well.

Moreover, Wilkes’ theme has no doubt been one of the best. His ‘Bryn Burgandy’ persona has been clever, memorable and relevant. I have seen so many students become excited when they see him walking around, surprisingly eager to pull of his moustache to see if it is actually real. It is fair to say that many students who have a minimal interest in the candidates will vote the person that they remember seeing the most. Therefore, with a strong theme like Wilkes’, I would not be surprised if he walks away with the Head of Media job. Moreover, he has been very organised, constantly releasing entertaining videos and having a large social media presence combined with his positions on LCR and Label committees and experience with LSUTV to make him a formidable contestant.

Lastly, Reynolds’ presence on nights-out have been huge. I thought that his decision to film students in a ‘Totty TV’ type video was definitely a smart move as it differed from just forcing students to take pictures with his cardboard sign. He may not have as much experience as Traies in TV, but it should not be forgotten that he has also won a National Student Television Association Award so is clearly also very talented.

This is the first election where I would truly be happy if any of the three candidates were to win. I believe they all have strong passion for the section and will work hard to implement their manifestos. It is fair to say that LSMedia will definitely be on the rise with any of them leading the section.

Simran Purewal

Simran Purewal

News Editor
Simran is former News Editor for The Epinal.
Simran Purewal

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  • Henry Pickett

    National Student Television Award – That’s two articles that the Epinal have misquoted this award now. It isn’t a ‘National Student Television Association Award’ or ‘Best Writing for a comedy series’. He won Best Writing at the National Student Television Awards and he won Highly Commended for Best Comedy at the same ceremony. So two NaSTAs.

    Also, to say he has less experience than Traies is slanderous. Show me any experience that Traies has in LCR or in Label?

    • James

      they’re actually “National Student Television Association” Awards

  • Sam Morris

    You have clearly ‘forgotten’ to include Josh’s experience in all THREE sections, not just TV. Just because one person has more experience in ONE section does not beat the other candidates who have experience in every section.

    I suppose this is what happens when The Epinal has friends of candiates writing ‘unbiased’ articles (this is not the first time this happened).

  • Ellie

    Typical of the Epinal to write such a biased article. Maybe write about the complete picture next time for example the fact Josh has experience in THREE sections not just one.

    Sort it out, election coverage has been nothing but biased, written by friends of the candidates who use the epinal as a way to get coverage for their friends and make other candiates look bad.

  • Anon

    Firstly The Epinal has always been biased, in fact it was created with the intent of not sitting on the fence. Secondly, this is a comment piece and not a news piece so it can be biased.