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Is Aceman Your New LSU President?

February 17, 2014 · Simran Purewal

It is fair to say that I did not necessarily think that  Tommy ‘Aceman’ Allen should win President at the start of this year’s exec elections. However, I am not lying when I say that following the last seven days, I am now seriously considering voting for ‘Aceman’.

I agree with all of the points which George Martindale made in his earlier article about Allen. His videos have been ridiculously entertaining, getting more hits than any material the other candidates have released. He has had a huge presence on campus without even having to think of a theme. Out of all of the candidates, he has definitely kept my interest the most and has been a breathe of fresh air during this election process.

His video on the LSUTV website was the only one which kept my interest and his appearance on the Bubble Debate overshadowed his competitor by a mile. He seems to be one of the only candidates who is actually being himself rather than being a generic presidential candidate.  After speaking to Allen over the election process, it is also fair to say he is able to have a normal conversation and is not just running around acting crazy like many presume. Not to mention, some of his manifesto points are actually pretty good. I feel like he is beyond the ‘joke’ candidate which some label him as being as he has actually led a pretty successful campaign.

I understand many may not be voting Allen in this year’s election. Whittaker definitely has all of the credentials to make a great President on paper. However, Allen is so different from any of the candidates running, that I can’t help but want him to walk away victorious on Wednesday night. I understand that both candidates could not be more different if they tried, so I am definitely aware that voting Allen may not be for everyone. However, he has definitely been the most prominent and most memorable candidate for the role over the last week and therefore I will not be surprised if he becomes the new LSU President.


Simran Purewal

Simran Purewal

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  • Anon

    But surely people understand that just because he is ‘different’ to any other candidate it does not make him right for the role? People are saying that ‘at least he is being himself’ and that he is more interesting than any other candidate, and I agree, he has been very entertaining and stood out due to his huge personality. However, he is not right for the role, other exec candidates are worried about the prospect of him being their president, and the sheer number of people who are voting for him because ‘he is funny’ just proves the lack of understanding that a large number of students have of the exec and the part they play.

    I am not denying that he has run a strong campaign, I just hope that people are not naïve enough to think that he would genuinely do what the students want anymore than any other candidate. Half of his manifesto points are points which are actually the job of other members of exec and this just proves his lack of understanding of what he is actually running for. Not to mention, are people forgetting that he ran for this position because over 100 people liked a funny comment on Facebook- is this really how we want a person to decide if they are running for a job?

    I am not trying to suggest that Rob will be the greatest President that Loughborough has ever seen, but without a doubt, he has the knowledge and understanding of the position and a much better grasp of what the position actually entails.

    • Hmm

      I don’t think there’s a generic mold which defines if someone is suitable to be the union president or not. Whittaker will probably follow in the footsteps of all the presidents before and do so-so job, whereas Aceman is more likely to have a passion that can help him to change union into a fresh direction. Popularity of the campaign already shows that Allen is closer to the students than Whittaker.

      • Pot

        Union President’s role is to bring the Exec to life. It includes overseeing other peoples roles but also communicating it in a way that engages students.

        I think we know who the better candidate for bringing things to life and engaging students is.

    • Shrug

      Rather Aceman than a man rivaled in personality by a digestive biscuit.

      • Bring back Wagg

        Let’s break it down. The exec do relatively little to affect the average student. The only job that actually seems to have a direct affect on any large number of students is AU Pres who decides which team deserves the rest of the money left over from the Rugby team.

        So, with this in mind, why not just give Tommy the job? It won’t make any large difference to anything. Year on year we hear about how much work the Exec do and that they work hard all week. Guess what? So does everybody else with a job! Anyway, enough of the boring snore fest Execs with the charisma (and song writing ability) of a Toenail and let Ace man loose. Something might actually happen!!

    • Aceman4President

      Ever thought that loughborough might need something new and different? A fresh look on the role from Tommy could bring about some really good changes for the university. I’m voting for Tommy because I beleive he has the passion and drive to be successful, and I’m not voting rob because he’s going to be like all the previous ones who no one remembers.

  • anon

    simran always hits the nail on the head

    • lol