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What is The Epinal’s relationship with Loughborough Students’ Union?

The Epinal has a constructive relationship with Loughborough Students’ Union. It is one of the best student organisations in the country, highlighted by frequent national awards and a high student experience rating. We strive to work with them closely on stories and campaigns that are beneficial to the campus community. However, we do pledge to hold the Union, its employees, sabbatical officers and committees to account and report wrong doing or incompetence in the public interest.


What is The Epinal’s relationship with Label Magazine?

The Epinal enjoys a friendly relationship with Label Magazine. The majority of our editorial team started out in student journalism at Label and continue to have close links with the Media Centre as a whole. Label is a high quality publication and offers content that The Epinal does not. Our passion is investigative news, scrutinising those in power and publishing intuitive comment based on evidence; something that became increasingly difficult to do via the Student Union’s official publication.


How is The Epinal funded?

The Epinal has relatively few outgoings, being solely an online publication. We do not have the resources to produce The Epinal in print, while we also couldn’t match the potential readership that can be found online. The few costs that we do incur are covered by advertising. If you wish to advertise with us, please email


Why ‘The Epinal’?

Epinal is a French town twinned with Loughborough, while Epinal Way is the main road that runs adjacent to Loughborough University campus.