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Exec Elections Results: As It Happened

February 27, 2013 · The Epinal Elections

After the ten day campaigning period, the results of the Executive Elections 2013 were announced in Room One during Hey Ewe. As well as being broadcast live on LSUTV, The Epinal provided live updates throughout the evening, in the build up to the announcement.

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Right I think we’re going to leave updates there for tonight. Thank you very much for sticking with us throughout tonight, it’s been a long evening but the 2013/14 Executive have been announced and you can find the full list here.

Chris Carter on Twitter:

“7/10 of the elected #ExecElections candidates are women. Fantastic news for @LoughboroughSU and equality.”

Zak Evans on Twitter:

“No elections lost… @RiggRut and my friends I thank you SO much#ZakSparrowIsVPFinanceElect #ExecElections

A few very quick observations from me:

1) The exit polls were completely correct.

2) There are seven girls to just three boys on the full time Executive for the 2013/14 academic year.

Well there you go, the Executive Elections 2013 are complete. You can find a full list of the Union Executive 2013 here.

Josh Hurrell is elected as Union President with 5305 votes in the first round.

Total votes 5795. 652 for Haider, 1396 for Tingle and a massive 3569 Ford who is elected as the next VP Welfare and Diversity in the first round.

We’re onto VP Welfare and Diversity, first or third round, place your bets.

735 votes for Chris McKenna and Zak Evans wins in the first round of voting.

Becky Lauder Feltcher recieves 4830 in the first round and elected VP Education.

VP Democracy and Communications. Hannah Chrisp defeats David Haines in the first round of voting.

Georgia Cheyne (4855) is elected as SocFed President to succeed Sophie Sanders.

Mike Lyness 2282 is defeated by Paul Nanson (2900) in the first round. Paul Nanson becomes Rag Chair Elect

Helen Crossley gets 4778 votes in the first round to RON’s 606 and is duly elected as the next Head Of Media.

Jennie Cooper becomes first AU President in nearly a decade defeating Tim Jenkins in the first round of votes.

It is pretty rare for a hall chair not to win these elections so we’ll see what happens.

Jago Pearson is standing by his earlier claim on The Bubble Debate that the two VP Democracy and Communications David Haines and Hannah Chrisp are the two weakest candidates who are standing in this year’s elections.

Paul Nanson looks favourite for Rag despite Mike Lyness being a former hall chair. Would that be considered an upset?

Where has this campaign been won and lost? Is it the door knocking or the flash mobs?

Jago Pearson (out of the poll pod now) believes that flash mobs have lost their effect. He goes onto say that tactical door knocking has come to the fore. The former hall chairs obviously have a huge advantage in the halls where they have been so prominent.

For those who are unsure what I mean by first and second round votes; it’s because Loughborough SU uses the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system in the Exec Elections.

This means that should a candidate not reach the the required quota from the first choice preferences, the second choice preferences of the person with the least first choices votes is added to the remaining candidates.

Does that clear things up?

Tom Dean on Twitter:

“Come on @LoughboroughSU let’s get this show on the road! I want to know who @ClubMission get to work with next #ExecElections @labelonline

It looks like the results will be a little bit later than 00:30.

Jago Pearson, Epinal’s Editor In Chief, is taking the LSUTV viewers through the exit polls which The Epinal ran earlier this evening. How has Jennie Cooper managed to sneak ahead of Tim Jenkins in the polls? And will Izzie Ford manage to get passed Dave Tingle in the first round of voting?

We’ll have all the answers very shortly.

Loughborough SU on Twitter:

“Could @LufbraRagChair,@LufbraAction and@LSUPostgradDO stop being so childish and walking behind the live camera stream…”

Suspect a couple of members of the Executive and maybe a couple of candidates have had a fair few drinks in JC’s…

And LSUTV are broadcasting live. Bryony Hopkins is in the studio, Jago Pearson is in the “poll pod” where he’ll have all the exit polls while Joe Lynskey is live from  JC’s.

Plenty of fun frolics behind Lynskey in JC’s.

We’re expecting results in around 15 minutes.

Label are reporting that Faraday are the hall who are top of the hall voting league tables. This will probably be good news for their former sport sec Hannah Chrisp who, as well as celebrating her 21st birthday tonight, will be hoping to overcome current Council Chair David Haines.

Will it be Chrisp who is charge this time next year?

Alexandros Pamnani on Twitter:

“Will the exit poll prove accurate? I believe the winners are correct give or take some %. Powerful insight.#ExecElections

Krupa Nandha has tweeted:

“Half an hour to go!!!!! #Results #ExecElections

As a Union Councillor, Nandha has been part of the Elections Committee this year. I must admit I thought they would busier than they have been. Significantly less bans than I was expecting I must admit.

Thanks for everyone who has been reading our updates throughout this evening. It’s not too long until results now and then you (and myself) can get some sleep which I think we’ve all earned after a long ten day elections. Struggle to remember how we managed for 16 days now to be honest.

Not huge amounts of reaction on Twitter thus far tonight, suspect it’s because the majority of people are in the Union enjoying Hey Ewe. A Wednesday night at the Union has recently introduced a Buy One Get One Free offer on all drinks. Be rude not to surely?

Helen Crossley’s proposer Nicki Skidmore on Twitter:

“Candidates, you will be live on@LSUTweetV please do not swear, or throw carrots #ExecElections #results

Editor-in-Chief Jago Pearson has just popped in to see myself, Chris and Steph and given us this piece of insight to mull over:

“On the AU battle, it was a shock to see Tim Jenkins with a seven point lead in our first polls last Monday. Personally I thought Jenkins was going to go the other way with an early lead for Jennie Cooper with Jenkins closing the gap throughout the ten days. However, since Wednesday, Cooper looks very likely to win according to our polls.”

Results should be with us in approximately 60 minutes time.

Alexandros Pamnani on Twitter:

“I hope one candidate has 99 problems by Jay Z as their entrance song. ’99 problems but votes ain’t one’ #ExecElections

What would be your walk on music/entrance song for Room One tonight? Tweet us your suggestions.

News Editor Steph Goller has just pointed out, we’ve seen a lot less of the candidates around campus this year where normally they would be handing out sweets.

I can only guess that this is because the majority of candidates have focused on door knocking halls to try and drum up support. Has this led to the exclusion of town students who are being messed out?

Tweet us your thoughts on @EpinalElections.

Returning Officer Ben Ward on Twitter:

“Well we’ve done the count, just building up to the announcement for #ExecElections

LSUTV are going through their final rehearsals for their live results show which will be broadcast live from 12. They have been working solidly all afternoon to get this set-up, and I suspect tonight’s show will be a huge credit to all the volunteers who have given up their time over the last week plus.

However, hopefully you’ll be sticking with us for the remainder of the night as we guide you through to the results which are expected in just over an hours time.

Becci Deakin on Twitter:

“Good luck for tonight @SarahHaar, you’ve truly worked your socks off and you couldn’t deserve this more! <3 #bestcandidate#ExecElections

VP Welfare and Diversity candidate Maz Haider has told Label this evening:

“I am nervous but relieved, it has been great to meet a diverse range of people. Everyone has brought some excellent creative ideas for campaigning to the forefront!”

Michael Clark, who is the Michael Jordan’s proposer has described the atmosphere in JC’s, where the candidates are waiting for the results to be announced, as “genuinely relaxed and jovial”.

Jane Turner on Twitter:

“As I’ve usually had an hours sleep by now it seems strange to be heading back to work#ExecElections

It is once again a very late announcement of the results. Would there be more interest in the results if it was done later afternoon or early evening? It’s going to be a very late for LSUTV that’s for sure.

Chris Carter, The Epinal’s Comment Editor adds to my previous post saying:

“The Epinal has clearly made a big difference to the elections process. It has been putting out news in the weeks leading up to the elections  with high circulation figures and clearly students have been talking about this. I think the word of mouth has been the real winner of these Exec Elections.”

Apologises for blowing one’s own trumpet, however, one factor which hasn’t been mentioned yet with regard to the excellent turnout this year in the Exec Elections, is The Epinal.

We’ve been building up to the elections since the end of January and an additional media outlet to cover such an intense period of news and opinion cannot be a bad thing. Do you think The Epinal has influenced the turnout? Has it let to more informed voters?

Alexandros Pamnani on Twitter:

@EpinalElections @VPDemocracyLSU has done a fantastic job simply on voter turnout given his positive yet bold changes.#ExecElections

Steph Goller, The Epinal’s News Editor is sharing her insight:

“I think that the overall turnout was very successful and that Cole’s changes have proved to be justified. However, it is shocking that the majority of students I’ve spoken to over the past few days don’t actually care about the elections or any of the candidates. The vast majority of students polled had a hard time remembering who they previously voted for.”

Are elections all about numbers or should we be worried about how informed the voters are? Tweet us your thoughts to @EpinalElections.

Ben Pringle on Twitter:

@EpinalElections Just like a Friday night at Nottingham greyhound track, seems like I’ve backed all the wrong candidates.#lovetheunderdogs

Our friends over at LSUTV will be broadcasting their results night programmme from midnight. If you missed their coverage of The Bubble Debate from early last week, then I’d recommend checking them out here.

Tonight could be a doubly special night for one of the candidates as Hannah Chrisp is also celebrating her 21st birthday this evening. Will a good result at the ballot box be the icing on her cake this evening? We’re just over two hours away from finding out.

Label Online are still speaking to candidates as they arrive into the VIP area in JC’s. VP Welfare and Diversity candidate Dave Tingle has told Label:

“I′m feeling OK; I’ve really enjoyed talking to people about Welfare. But I have seen the posts so I do not think it will be overly close”

I suspect Tingle is referring to The Epinal’s exit poll which suggested Izzie Ford will run out victorious tonight.

SocFed candidate Georgia Cheyne has been speaking to Label Online saying:

“I am nervous, but excited, especially after visiting so many societies this week!”

Chris Carter on Twitter:

“I genuinely wonder how many British Voters would feel at home, being members of the “beer, baccy and crumpet party”"

I’m going to hazard a guess that Chris is talking about a slightly different election to the one we’re concentrating on this evening. How great would it be to see an Exec Elections candidate run as part of the above party though?

I’ll go for 00:40 for the start of the announcement. Get your suggestions in to @EpinalElections.

Back to our discussions from earlier this evening on when the results will actually be announced, Andy Clark has been in touch on Twitter:

“Hah, who are you kidding? It’s always late! I’m going for 0027 (end of final countdown)”

Myself and former Head of Media Ben Croucher are discussing how many previous elections have gone passed the the first round of voting.

At the moment we have SocFed (2012) and Media (2009) and that the 2010 elections (Ben’s year) were all decided in the first round.

We need your suggestions on Twitter, @EpinalElections.

Former VP Democracy and Communications Pete Childs on Twitter:

#EXECELECTIONS congrats to@VPDemocracyLSU on voting turnout! Amazing achievement – my unbeaten voting turnout record still stands though”

Rag Chair Max Turner on Twitter:

@EpinalElections Ali has been brave with changes and the entire exec have been behind him. Turnout shows his decisions were right! #proud

What have you made of Cole’s changes? They seem to have had a very positive effect with very little effect on turnout.

Dave Tingle, VP Welfare and Diversity candidate:

“Win or lose, its been great fun and thousands of students now know the great stuff for them at the union. Thanks everyone!#ExecElections

I’ve managed to catch The Epinal’s Editor-In-Chief Jago Pearson, who is working for our friends over at LSUTV tonight on their live elections result broadcast for his brief analysis.

Pearson: ”I think it will be really interesting to see if VP Welfare and Diversity is decided by the first or third round. Izzie Ford has only managed to get above the required 50% once in our polls. If she doesn’t get over 50% tonight, I don’t think the second choices from R.O.N. will be enough to prevent it going all the way to the third round of votes.”

Keep your tweets coming into @EpinalElections. Thanks for all your contributions so far.

Who has impressed you? Who has been disappointing?

Tonight’s elections pundit Chris Carter:

“Voting numbers are an absolute triumph for Ali Cole. It shows how a budget cap has no effect on voter turnout at Loughborough. I am genuinely surprised at the turnout. It falls to the winner of tonight’s VP Democracy and Communications election to continue Cole’s good work.”

Last year, according to Label Online, 6,531 votes were cast in the Exec Elections which means we’re down approximately 200 votes this year. However, it should be taken into account that we are down approximately 700 students from last year, so as a percentage the number of students voting (hence turnout) is actually up.

I get the impression that that goes against a lot of expectations this year. With the budget cap and shorter campaigning period, I think a lot of people were expecting a significantly smaller turnout.

And we’ve had some news on the total number of votes cast from VP Democracy Ali Cole via Twitter:

“6379 #EXECELECTIONS VOTES – highest University turnout ever. It’s been an incredible 10 days, thanks to all those who voted!! Results at 12!”

We’ll have a comparison to last year’s figures and further analysis from Chris Carter shortly.

Sam Czeres on Twitter:

@EpinalElections agree with Chris, Jordan has been underrated and Nanson has all bases covered, Lyness’ mouth his downfall#execelctions


Mike Baker on Twitter:

@EpinalElections@ChrisjCart agreed… 22% swings, 14% swings… These aren’t campaign reasoned in my opinion, sample luck”


Nick Kay on Twitter:

@EpinalElections Sarah Haar creeping up in the Action Chair race has really surprised me! At the beginning of last week, MJ looked a cert!”

Chris Carter, The Epinal’s Comment Editor, will be providing his insight into tonight’s results throughout this evening. Carter is doing his dissertation on election modelling so seems the perfect person to have alongside tonight.

Carter: “I don’t think the polls will be telling the full story. At the end of the day, they are taken from just 100 random students, therefore it’s more voodoo than science. I think Action may well swing to Michael Jordan who’s been a very effective campaigner throughout the election period.

“I’ve got a £5 bet that Nanson will beat Lyness for Rag.”

Do you agree with Chris? Tweet us your thoughts on @EpinalElections.

Becky Taylor on Twitter:

“Whatever the outcome gonna be so proud seeing @JCooooper@danthomas162 @steff9216 on stage tonight after all their hard work! #ExecElections

Elsewhere the bans on VP Welfare and Diversity candidate Isobal Ford has seen her lose 14 points in her attempts to take over from Georgie Court. The results from our exit poll look like this:

Isobel Ford: 46% (-14%), Dave Tingle: 29% (+4%), Maz Haider: 13% (+8%), R.O.N: 12% (+2%)

Charles Cusworth on Twitter:

@TheEpinal @EpinalElections 28 point switch-a-roo for @VoteHeart #strongcampaign

What have you made of Sarah Haar’s campaign? Is her late surge in the exit polls enough to overtake Michael Jordan?

The Epinal’s Exit Poll was published earlier. We spoke to 100 students who their first choice was in the Exec Elections. Generally things haven’t really changed except for a massive swing for Sarah Haar (Action), this is how the race to replace Billy Marsh as Action Chair is looking now:

Sarah Haar: 54% (+14%), Michael Jordan: 39% (-14%), R.O.N:  7% (=)

Lizzie Archer on Twitter:

@EpinalElections results will go on time as @chrisbradbury isn’t there to save all the LSUTV VTs on the backup server, which backs up at 12″

Right discussions in the office have already turned to how late do we think tonight’s announcement will be? Shall we start an (unofficial) sweepstake? We believe they have been scheduled for around 00:30 tonight, how late (or early) will they be? Tweet us your thoughts.

Make sure you get in touch with us throughout this evening with your thoughts on everything elections. What have you made of the candidates this year? What about the process? Have Ali Cole’s changes been beneficial? Tweet us @EpinalElections and/or #ExecElections

Good evening and welcome to The Epinal’s live text updates on the Executive Elections 2013. We’re expecting results around 00:30 tonight so we’ve got a fair way to go yet, but still with us for all the build up between now and then.


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