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Executive Elections 2013: Results

February 28, 2013 · The Epinal Elections

The results of the Executive Elections 2013 were annouced live on LSUTV during Hey Ewe.

The LSU Executive for 2013 will be as follows:

President: Josh Hurrell

VP Welfare and Diversity – Isobel Ford

VP Finance and Commercial Services – Zak Evans

VP Education – Becky Lauder Fletcher

VP Democracy and Communication – Hannah Chrisp

AU President – Jennie Cooper

Soc Fed President – Georgia Cheyne

Head of Media – Helen Crossley

Rag – Paul Nanson

Action – Sarah Haar

Full Results

Union President: Hurrell 5305, R.O.N. 331 – Total 5818
VP Welfare & Diversity: Ford 3569, Tingle 1396, Haider 652, R.O.N 178 – Total 5795
VP Democracy: Chrisp 4022, Haines 1269, R.O.N 331 – Total 5622
VP Finance: Evans 4594, McKenna 735, R.O.N 305 – Total 5634
VP Education: Lauder-Fletcher 4830, R.O.N 683 – Total 5513
AU President: Cooper 3776, Jenkins 1716, R.O.N. 200 – Total 5692
SocFed President: Cheyne 4855, R.O.N.618 – Total 5473
Rag: Nanson 2929, Lyness 2282, R.O.N. 317 – Total 5528
Action: Haar 3450, Jordan 2037, R.O.N. 206 – Total 5693
Head of Media: Crossley 4778, R.O.N. 606 – Total 5384

The Epinal Elections

The Epinal Elections

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The Epinal Elections
The Epinal Elections

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  • Former Exec Member

    Uncontested elected officers nervous about being beat by RON… pull the other one. Just really cringeworthy to claim nerves when they are uncontested particularly when they are standing next to other candidates in JC’s who had to fight for position and lost.

  • Student…

    Out of all the contested positions, I’m most disappointed with the Democracy and Communication result.
    If David actually campaigned properly, people could have realised that he was the more experienced and suitable candidate.

    The most exciting battle was the one for Action Chair. Interest and voting numbers could have been even higher if all of the positions were so hotly contested.

    Good Luck to ALL of the new Exec next year.

  • Thoughts

    Apart from AU, has a girl EVER lost a Loughborough election?

    Genuine question.