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Giving Up Alcohol For Lent

February 11, 2013 · Zoe Mumba

Semester two has finally rolled into the universe, and I always think that a new semester is like a mini new year; you get a chance to change yourself and right whatever wrongs that may have occurred academically in the previous semester.

Coincidently, Lent is also about to start and going with the theme of changing oneself, I’ve decided to start semester two on the right foot and give up alcohol for lent.

Now for those of you who do not know me, I do like going out, but since I’ve hit both my second year at university and decade of life I’ve decided it’s time to (temporarily) erase the dirty pints and day long headaches  from my life and give my body a well-deserved rest.

My decision to give up alcohol came after I jokingly suggested to my friend that she give up alcohol for Lent, and her reply was “Do not be stupid Zoe, I am not giving up alcohol!” and it was all forgotten about until I received a late night tweet from her telling me that she was going to give it up.

I think her decision to give up alcohol came from when her tutor said she should put “part time binge drinker” on her C.V. However, I decided that if my partner in crime was going down the yellow brick road of sobriety then I was going with her in the hopes of reaching the Emerald City aka the fortieth day of sobriety.

Of course, the challenge when it comes to giving up alcohol is not that we’re alcoholics who cannot go a day without a drink, but the fact that so much of the social life at university revolves around alcohol. I currently have three or four socials and some birthdays occurring during Lent and all of them involve pre-drinks and hitting the Union. From celebrating your birthday with a big FND to heading straight to JCs after you’ve finished all your exams, alcohol is a major fixture in our social lives.

So the real challenge will be going out stone cold sober, whilst everyone around me is firmly in alcohol’s clutches. Luckily, my friend will be sober with me, so it’s not like we’ll be alone, and I will be cheating slightly by drinking a couple of energy drinks during pres, but for all intents and purposes I will be dryer than the Sahara.

Am I dreading the thought of going out sober? No, I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to being that person who remembers everything, and I’m definitely looking forward to talking to drunk people and seeing if they share any secrets (sobriety looks set to see me turn to blackmail).

Also, I think I really want to do it because it’s a bit tragic that you can’t go out with your friends unless you’re really drunk.

Zoe Mumba

Zoe Mumba

Executive Features Editor
Zoe is former Executive Features Editor of The Epinal.
Zoe Mumba
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  • Catherine

    As someone who did exactly the same thing last year- good luck!! Going on a night out sober really opens your eyes to what alcohol actually does, and gives you some great gossip on your friends. After 40something days you may even find that you don’t want to drink anymore.

    • Zoe

      Congratulations on completing it! I was utterly terrified that I would cave within a few days, but thus far I’ve found I’ve enjoyed my nights out just as much, and I agree, at the moment I’m considering giving up alcohol altogether!

  • Rich

    I too am doing this. I’ve done it before, and found it very rewarding spiritually. It’s eerily odd how easy it is to not drink when you attribute your abstinence to lent. Good luck!