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Alcohol Free Zone Map Released

September 15, 2013 · Louise Tompkins

Further to the announcement last March that Loughborough University campus was going to become an alcohol free zone, the University and the Union have released the map of the campus which indicates which areas will fall into the allowed alcohol zones.

The policy was initially proposed by the Director of Student Services, Nigel Thomas, at a University Senate meeting, March 6 2012.

Fines will be issued to those found with open alcohol containers outside of the 20 metre radius from any student residence or licensed premises.

Those who wish to consume alcohol at events outside of these zones may apply for permission from the Chief Operating Officer or their nominated representative.

Louise Tompkins

Louise Tompkins

Louise is former Editor of The Epinal.
Louise Tompkins

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  • James Plowright

    So according to this, if we manage to get our alcohol within 20 meters of the union unnoticed, we can then drink :D

  • Adam

    This is just retarded. Now people just won’t go to the union, something the union struggles with for from Nov-March

  • Matt

    Well as I said when it was proposed people will just walk along the narrow pavement of Ashby Road and no doubt fall into the street drunk.

  • Sigh

    1. Not the Unions plan, its the universities.
    2. Made with sound logic, and also avoids incidents where undergraduates are put in danger by drinking in unsupervised areas or monitored areas.
    3. If you feel you are responsible enough to drink in unsupervised areas, then sorry, there are countless examples of this not being the case (including one life threatening case)
    4. It also stops broken glass all along the route which regularly cut our feet when we take off our heels.
    5. If you just drink one more shot before you leave it’ll be exactly the same.
    6. I’m sure you’ve put every drink you’ve ever drank safely in a bin or bottle bank whilst off your face on the way to the Union haven’t you….oh wait…you haven’t? You’ve just lost the argument.

    • Steve

      I’m honestly not surprised that someone who decides to take their shoes off outside and then complain when it turns out the ground isn’t carpeted in soft velvet thinks that it’s somehow within the remit of the University to attempt to control the amount of drinking that students do.

      Guess what – getting your feet cut up by whatever might be on the ground is on you. As is getting horrendously drunk and passing out under a shrub. It’s not anyone else’s job to look after you.

  • Nick Kay

    Harry French have had an alcohol-free zone between it and the union for years now and it’s never been a problem in the last 2 years that I lived there. I think it’s a great idea. There’ll be a lot fewer bike tyre punctures now that people won’t be smashing bottles on Hazlerigg Walk. A lot less unsightly litter on our beautiful campus as well.
    At the union’s cheap prices, why would you need to bring a drink for the walk? Surely people aren’t THAT desperate for alcohol.