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Crowning A Successful Year For LSU Media

May 18, 2014 · George Hones

LSU Media held their annual awards ceremony on Saturday May 17, celebrating what has been one of their most successful years to date. Following a triumphant NaSTA Awards ceremony, in which LSU Media won four awards and came highly commended for two, the final end-of-year celebrations crowned those that have given their all to ensure the media section maintained such high standards throughout the year.

The first award of the night was the ‘Label Best Section’ award. This award recognises the section of Label that has excelled in delivering the most consistently high quality articles to Loughborough students. Between Label Sports, Label Features and Label Style, Label Features were eventually crowned winners of the night’s first award.

‘LCR Best Show’ was the second award of the night, won by Head of Media Elect Bryn Wilkes’ very own ‘The Bryn Wilkes Show’. LSUTV’s coverage of this year’s Exec Elections Results then went on to be crowned ‘LSUTV Best TV Show’.

The first hall-related award of the night followed immediately after. Bakewell, Towers and David Collet were all nominated for ‘Most Improved Hall Media’. Following a successful year in which their coverage of events within halls has dramatically improved, David Collet went on to win the award.

Louise Burt was then crowned ‘Label Best Journalist’, whilst ‘LCR Best On Air Personality’ went to Stephen Collins. ‘LSUTV Best On Screen Personality’ came next, with all those who were shortlisted praised for their contribution to LSUTV. Katie Shanahan went on to win the award.

The hotly contested ‘Best Hall Media Rep’ then followed. Praised for her innovative and frequent use of GoPro footage and her contribution to her committee as a whole, Towers’ Jennifer Taylor went  on to win the award. Taylor told The Epinal:

“I’m really proud to of won the award. I just wanted to thank Towers, and of course my GoPro”.

Josh Reynolds was then crowned as ‘LSUTV Best Volunteer’ before Ana Curbelo was awarded ‘Label Best Volunteer’. She has been commended for her involvement in increasing Label’s physical presence on and off campus this year. Described as an important assest by award presenter and fellow nominee Luke Piazzon, Harry Kipling was then recognised as ‘LCR Best Volunteer’. ‘Loop Best Volunteer’ then went to Naomi Riley Dudley.

The biggest and arguably most sought after hall award of the night then followed. Shortlisted for ‘Best Hall Media’ were Towers, William Morris and Harry French. All have had a strong presence on social media sites with their comprehensive coverage of hall sections including IMS, Action and Rag. To finish what had been a successful night for the hall, Towers were announced as this year’s winners.

Sam Mason, Towers hall chair, had this to say for The Epinal:

“As a section media has a drastic amount of importance. This year we have been surprised and blessed with our amazing hall media assisting every other section of the hall. I am grateful for the effort that has been forthcoming this year and can only pray for the same next year”.

Towers Hall Enjoyed A Successful Evening

Towers Hall Enjoyed A Successful Evening

‘Best Event’ was then awarded to the NaSTA Awards Weekend, held this year in Loughborough. ‘Best Team’ went to Label Photography, with their very own Isabelle Piggot awarded ‘Best Open’ for her tireless work for Label Photography.

Paul Johnston then went on to win ‘Best New Volunteer,’ before the ‘Multimedia Achievment’ award went to Rachael Stone. ‘LSU Media Lifetime Achievement’ was awarded to Carolyn Brown, recognising her important and consistently excellent contribution to the section.

The final award of the night was the ‘Head of Media Special Recognition Award’,  for which Helen Crossley thanked those that assisted her throughout the year, including the LSU team.

The high standard of all nominations this year highlights the sheer quality of the university’s media section. Congratulations to all those successful winners.

George Hones

Deputy Editor
George is Deputy Editor of The Epinal. He is responsible for supporting the Editor in delivering high quality content.
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  • Dan

    Great writeup, shame that some of the winners names are spelt wrong!