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Exec Elections Results

The results for the 2014 Exec Elections

February 20, 2014 · The Epinal Elections

The Exec for 2014 are

Action: Phil Jenkins

AU: Steffan Lloyd

Media: Bryn Wilkes

Rag: Danni Hitchins

Societies: Sophie Farley

VP Democracy: Liam Peoples

VP Education: Amy Ward

VP Finance: Dan Thomas

VP Welfare: Natasha White

President: Rob Whittaker


President 6,456 votes. Quota 3,228 votes

Tommy Allen 2,865 votes

Rob Whittaker 3,330 votes

No candidate 278 votes

VP Welfare & Diversity 5,812 votes. Quota 2,906

George Bollands 1,924 votes

Zoe Mumba 1,676 votes

Natasha White 1,981 votes

No candidate 231 votes

It goes to second round of voting

George Bollands 1,925 votes

Zoe Mumba 1,677 votes

Natasha White 1,987 votes

Mumba is eliminated.

It goes to third round of voting.

George Bollands 2,315

Natasha White 2,502 votes

VP Finance & Commercial Services 5,869 votes. Quota 2,935

Dan Thomas 5,516 votes

No candidate 353 votes

VP Education 5,805 votes. Quota 2,903

Amy Ward 5,306

No candidate 499

VP Democracy & Communications 5,703 votes. Quota 2,852 votes

Liam Peoples 5,108 votes

No candidate 595 votes

Societies President 5,650 votes. Quota 2,825 votes

Chris Briggs 1,548 votes

Sophie Farley 3,708 votes

No candidate 394 votes

Rag Chair 5,705 votes. Quota 2,853 votes

Dave Edwards 1,966 votes

Danni Hitchins 3,427 votes

No candidate 318 votes

Head of Media 6,081 votes. Quota 3,040

Josh Reynolds 1,983 votes

Tom Traies 1,502 votes

Bryn Wilkes 2, 474 votes

No candidate 122 votes

It goes to second round voting.

Josh Reynolds 1,986 votes

Tom Traies 1,504 votes

Bryn Wilkes 2,477 votes

It goes to third round of voting.

Traies is eliminated.

Josh Reynolds 2,376 votes

Bryn Wilkes 2,945 votes

Wilkes is elected.

Athletic Union President 6,451 votes. Quota 3,226

Steffan Lloyd 3,648 votes

Martha Riggs 2,679 votes

No candidate 124 votes


Action Chair – 6,159 votes. Quota 3,080

Phil Jenkins  5,684 votes

No candidate 475 votes


The record has been broken on how many college students and university students have voted this year.

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Posted by on February 20, 2014. Filed under Elections,News.
  • Mourning

    “President: Rob Whittaker”

    A sad day.

    • Sam Hopkins

      I met Rob a bunch of times over the last week and thought he was a really decent bloke with some good ideas IMO. Don’t understand all the flak he is getting

  • Corruption

    Cannot believe president result, aceman was by far going to win it, but obviously the union intervened because he was too out-there, if any of you had actually spent the time getting to know him, he cared about the uni more than rob

    • Relieved

      Would have been an absolute disgrace if he was elected.
      At the end of the day it makes little difference in Loughborough who gets elected, they’re not actually going to be able to do anything, but it would have made a laughing stock of all of us if we had ended up with a union president who looks homeless and has the reputation that he does.

  • We love Aceman

    is it too late for RON?

  • The Truth

    Yet another fix from a exec who care more about themselves than they do about the people. Viva La Aceman.

    • The real truth

      The exec didn’t fix it – the students voted. Not everyone is like to you or Aceman that’s what democracy is about.