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Exec Video Called Worst YouTube Video Ever

October 28, 2013 · Louise Tompkins

The video released by Loughborough Students’ Union on Friday of the Exec singing about all the opportunities available at the Union to Naughty Boy’s ‘La La La’ is being discussed as being one of the worst YouTube videos ever by members of The Student Room and Reddit.

The song follows the tradition of videos from the Exec that can be traced back to the team from 2009 when the YouTube channel was started.

With the YouTube video now at just over 13,000 views, a member of Reddit posted it under the subreddit ‘Cringe’. It has inspired comments from users such as “Im so thankful I didn’t go to Loughborough now” and “This video changed my UCAS options”. In the 12 hours the thread has been on the site, it has received 110 votes for being cringeworthy.

On a thread in The Student Room started two hours after the Reddit one, another user is glad they “didn’t choose LSU” with fellow comments agreeing that it made them cringe and discussing the musical talent or lack thereof.

Since this morning, the comments section on the YouTube video itself have been disabled.

Speaking to The Epinal, Union President Josh Hurrell explained that:

“Unfortunately, this video has gathered a few negative comments. It is meant to be taken as a joke however I fear people think we are being serious.

“We use it for a memory game during the fresher presentations and it was well received during the presentations and at the international induction events that we played it at. Out of context it doesn’t seem to have the same effect.”

Louise Tompkins

Louise Tompkins

Louise is former Editor of The Epinal.
Louise Tompkins

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  • eternal optimist

    In the interest of balance, one of those reddit users commented that ‘They probably got more friends that [sic] most of us..’ though he did also say ‘This is really not cringe.. just stupid’ make of that what you will

  • Reddit

    If the reddit users are too stupid to work out its a joke then we don’t want them at Loughborough.

    • Snort

      I think most people realise it’s a joke. It just happens to be the kind of joke you wish was never mentioned in public…

    • Jack Lodge

      I wish the Exec would use their real names when replying to articles.

  • Sam Hampson

    This has achieved completely the opposite to what these videos are supposed to do. It was really sad to see some of the comments and ratings but disabling them wont stop people thinking it. Admit defeat, take the video down – every view will be another person remembering the exec and the union for the wrong reasons.

    Zak should resign immediately. Not for his singing but for missing the chance to put an advert on the video and make some money from Youtube…

    • Anon

      Removing the video is not only impossible (as it has been duplicated/downloaded who knows how many times) but also guaranteed to cause and even worse PR “crisis”. Leave the video and it will all be over soon anyways.

  • Pissed-Off Ex-Student

    I would be interested to know how much this cost to make, and whether the Head of Media thought it was a good idea to put this out on the LSU Youtube profile rather than one of their personal accounts. Given that the full-time exec members are being paid such a high amount, it really is concerning that they think this justifies their salary.

    • ex exec

      are you thick? 16 grand a year for 45+ hour weeks on average isn’t a loy

      • Guest

        I understand the current figure is slightly higher and that housing is also provided? This is a considerable benefit.

        • Guest

          You are incorrectly informed. The exec wage is 16k and housing is not provided. As the majority of exec are graduates they live in houses in town and have to pay their rent and council tax, like everyone else.

          • ex-student

            regardless of how much they are getting paid to be on the exec, this video is tragic and so unprofessional. i can imagine the number of “sign ups” to the media society will decrease significantly if this is the best quality video they can do!

        • Fernando

          They also get a timeshare in France.

    • Sam

      Its almost as if this isnt the only thing they’ve done with there time, and that they were trying something different to engage new students (which appears to have gone down well in the talks it was initially targeting).

      You’re right though, back to the grind stone Sabbatical slaves, and dont you dare take a moment off for frivolity until your 1 year term is complete.

      P.S. if this genuinely does piss you off that much as an Ex-Student, you may want to learn to chill out a bit to avoid some serious issues with stress in later life

  • Another pissed off ex student

    I feel my university degree slowly becoming as worthless as toilet paper… or worse yet the University of South Bank

  • Tom Wagg

    This wuld never have hapened if I was president. This is what you get for not bording the train.


      helps if you can spell

  • Ex-student

    It’s not a bad idea but it just does not work in this video and never should have been allowed to be released! It’s an embarrassment to the whole university and it should have been stopped either during the post production editing or once it was shown to the rest of the team before being posted on YouTube.

  • Former Exec

    I’m so glad we never released our rendition of the Backstreet Boys a couple of years ago; this was just painful to watch.

  • Michael

    exec should take the lead and organise something similar to this…got 8 months with lufbra having one of the highest involvement rates for a SU, this could be done. Put it on the map for the right reasons

  • poulet noir

    To claim that this is “meant to be taken as a joke” demonstrates that the Exec at LSU don’t understand how humour works. It isn’t funny as a parody of Naughty Boy. Indeed, it isn’t a parody at all, as it is in no way a comment on La La La. It is extremely funny as a collection of real life David Brents trying really hard to be kooky while making unimpressive boasts in tuneless doggerel. Josh Hurrell’s failure to see the joke rather sums it up.