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Loughborough To Hold Model U.N. Conference

January 7, 2014 · Harry Cunningham

Loughborough’s Model United Nation society (MUN) will be hosting a conference on the topic of democracy from February 7-9.

The weekend long event is open to all students of the university, members and non-members of the society and is aimed at those new to MUN debating. Societies from across the country will also be traveling down to join in the debate that will attempt to come to some conclusions about the international future of democracy.

Fees are £10 for Loughborough students: payment will be £15 with the £5 being refunded on the submission of a valid Loughborough student ID number.

Confirmed guest speakers kick starting the debate are the Conservative Economic Secretary to the Treasury and Loughborough MP, Nicky Morgan, Vice-Chancellor of Loughborough University, Professor Robert Alison and Dr Uri Gordon, Loughborough University politics and international relations lecturer and author of Anarchism Alive.

All three will be arguing passionately about the national and international state of democracy before the three day event is officially opened. Their speeches will no doubt raise issues about whether it’s right for countries to install democracy by force where there is a repressive dictatorship, whether democracy is the right system of governance for every country and whether Britain can even be considered a democratic nation.

Delegates will then be sorted into committees with the aim of drafting resolutions in the style of the real United Nations.  There will also be a short tutorial for first time conference goers or those that want to brush up on their skills.  These will be optional.

And there will be no shortage of evening entertainment either with a series of social events also being planned including the traditional MUN formal dinner and free entry to Friday night at the union with a private bar. The social pack costs £20.

With entertainer Russell Brand actively calling for people to start a revolution rather than engage with the current political system and a recent poll which suggests anger rather than indifference is the main cause of not voting, it seems there has never been a better time to get involved in the debate. For those thinking of spoiling their ballot paper in the general elections next year this is a weekend not to be missed.

Harry Cunningham

Harry Cunningham

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Harry Cunningham

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  • Not a MUN addict

    As someone who took part in the conference last year, I learned absolutely nothing from it. It’s an opportunity for a gang of wannabe politicians and diplomats to attempt to socialise and impress sycophants with their knowledge (or lack of). It’s a shame that instead of holding an actual debate, these people will be acting as delegates in a vain attempt to improve their CVs – the benefits of which are highly overrated. As you can tell, I did not have a good time!

    • Harry Cunningham

      I have to admit I strongly disagree. I joined up because I’m genuinely intrested in debating and politics (I could think of nothing worse in the world than becoming a politician in the system as it works at the moment). I think the aim was to have a debate in the style of the UN and by doing so gain an understanding of how the UN works and aims to resolve things. So I think one of the things I learnt was just how flawed the UN actually is. The weekend can be incredibly frustrating because of a feeling that you are going around in circles and because countries refuse to compromise but this is no doubt how it operates in real life. It is a shame you didn’t have a good time!

  • ‘wannabe politician/diplomat’

    I find it interesting that the comment by ‘Not a MUN addict’ is pretty much identical to one posted last year by seemingly the same person. I can’t help but feel that this is a personal attack on the MUN society for completely unwarranted reasons. As a member of last years conference I personally spoke to everyone afterwards to gain their feedback and no-one had any negative comments, so in reality I’m not sure you exist! It’s a shame that you can’t see the benefits of participating in something like this as thousands of students across the country do in MUN societies at pretty much every University.I am inclined to take their opinion that the benefits of this activity are real. Perhaps you did not learn anything from this because an event such as this requires a certain level of prior research. When delegates actively engage in this they overwhelmingly find the experience rewarding. Delegates who put in effort, and are prepared learn a lot!