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LSU To Host Summer Ball

April 27, 2014 · Harry Cunningham

Loughborough Students’ Union is to celebrate 25 years of Friday nights at the union (FND) by hosting a summer ball. The event, which will raise funds for the charitable activities of LSU, is in addition to the annual graduate ball and will be held on Friday June 20.

It is expected to be similar in style to the Fresher’s ball.

Confirmed acts include the bestselling rapper Example, who was nominated for a Brit award in 2012, and the DJ and Drum and Bass artist, Samuel Wire.

Zak Evans, the Vice President for Finance and Commercial Services, told us: “We’re really excited to be doing a Summer Ball this year for the first time. Our Head of Entertainments and Venue department have done a fantastic job in securing Example and DJ Wire to celebrate with us”.

More details including ticket prices have yet to be announced but The Epinal are told tickets will be available this week. Follow LSU on Twitter for updates.

Harry Cunningham

Harry Cunningham

News Editor
Harry is News Editor for The Epinal and is responsible for directing our independent news coverage of events around campus, town and further afield.
Harry Cunningham

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  • no one really cares

    Typical LSU’s way to raise funds to safeguard its future. Their failed ventures (there is a rumour about the HMRC involvement), reduced income from drinks, merging exec positions etc are really damaging the union. Money spend on the video and yet a crappy video that gained us an infamous reputation in making bad videos. Don’t get me wrong, but over the years I have enjoyed those videos because they were good and were shot in better lighting than seen this year. The conversion of the Union Council to a more controlled by a Forum of keenos (aka since most people who are involved in Societies, AU and Halls are mainly people who are or will be friends with the Exec, Exec controlled policy generators). Fair enough having been in union councils for the past 2 years, what I have found is that most of them are people who will become the exec or join before they run for exec to make people think they are trustworthy. Only Sam Minnit and Huzaifa were proactive this year in representing students.
    Most students who become exec have their hidden agendas. A company hiring an Exec straight after a consultation for a design job that I haven’t seen any major changes. An exec who didn’t even know the constitution from the start and had to consult former chairs and current chairs to understand it better. An exec who used this as a networking tool and when she had enough quit due to “problems”. An exec who was renowned to be useless or done the minimum amount of work possible and yet got the position because no one ran for it! And why? it was never really publicised! What else? This year only certain people got an email to have a meeting with the current exec, to encourage them to apply later on! It’s called EXEC GROOMING.
    Let’s face it, this event is another way to raise money for the union to get on with their crappy ways.