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Uncontested Election “Affected Level Of Campaigning”

December 8, 2012 · Andrew Lawton

VP Democracy and Communications Ali Cole admitted that the last minute drop out of one of the NUS Delegate candidates was “a shame” and “affected the level of campaigning from them majority of candidates” in the recent NUS elections.

Dave Tingle, Billy Marsh, Neil Kennedy, David Haines and Ashley Fongho were the only five people to run for the position of NUS Delegate which will see them attend the NUS National Conference on behalf of Loughborough students next year.

Tingle, the current Alumni Development Officer, secured the highest number of votes in the first round with 214, closely followed by Action Chair Marsh on 194. Neither Kennedy nor Haines could manage over 100 votes in the first round but along with Fongho were all elected via the single transferable vote system.

Cole told The Epinal:

“Overall I was pleased with the election. Initially we have six candidates for five positions which is up on last year’s figures. However, one candidate had to drop out which left the election uncontested. This was a shame and I think it effected the level of campaigning the majority of candidates.”

Of the five candidates, only Tingle appeared to actively campaign with his “Pringle Style” parody of Psy’s Gangman Style.

The VP Democracy and Communications continued:

“The voting was pretty successful. We increased on last year’s numbers by 126% which I am pleased about. I think we have five great delegates who will do us proud.”

The Epinal spoke to successful candidate Marsh who told us:

“I’m glad to be heading back to Sheffield for the National Conference in April, it’s one of those opportunities that I thought I had to seize and went for it. I’m very thankful for those that took the time to vote for me and as I said, I won’t be letting anyone down.

“The fact that we’re elected now (as opposed to a few weeks before the event) means we can properly scrutinise any proposals/motions and actually have an idea of what we are doing on the conference floor. Hopefully my experience will also make life a bit easier for new delegates.

“Just like last year, I’m going because there are certain decisions made at these things that are not in the best interests of our students (i.e. Demo2012) and someone has to stand up and speak for those interests.”

Meanwhile Tingle told The Epinal:

“I think it’s fantastic we had such a turnout for the NUS Delegate elections, one which previously hasn’t had much of a presence. I’m really looking forward to sticking to my manifesto points and getting more everyday students to influence the NUS.”

Andrew Lawton

Andrew Lawton

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Andrew Lawton
Andrew Lawton
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