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Union Council: As It Happened

February 21, 2013 · Andrew Lawton

The Epinal provides live updates of tonight’s Union Council from Cogs.

Ali Cole asks if five councillors want to help him deliver the presentation on the Union Rebrand.

Quite a few seem interested, eight to be exact. Cole thinks that’s fine so is being actioned to meet those councillors.

Next meeting will be here (Cogs) same time in two weeks time.

Thanks for your company tonight. Have a good evening.

Does anyone want to stand for any union sub-committee? No.

Rag Chair Max Turner on Twitter:

@TheEpinal apologies for not being at council, on our way back from a great day raiding in London for Meningitis UK”

Action Chair Billy Marsh explains an exciting new way for international students to get involved.

Has VP Education Lazar Zindovic received any more feedback about semester one?

Zindovic answers with a negative but is having meetings with the university about the minimum amount of content which will be available on Learn.

Head of Media is asked about the results night preparation.

She describes her committee as “ambitious” and that four locations will be used on results night instead of the usual two. Cox is also congratulated on the two Bubble Debate shows which went out earlier this week.

Cole is asked about the BUCS and NUS referendums.

He explains both arguments will be visible at the end of the election votes.

Essajee wants to Cole to publish a draft of these arguments to councillors. This is being voted on.

A question to VP Democracy Ali Cole about how he is finding elections. He is happy with the running of the elections, claims media has been amazing and that elections committee have had very few problems. Cole believes it’s been well and smoothly run.

Read his latest blog for his thoughts on candidates numbers apparently.

Carter asks about number of complaints, Cole responds with “very few”, possibly just one formal complaint today.

Flix has claimed that it’s going to be closing around Easter time due to lack of funding, approximately £15,000 is the figure being thrown around. They don’t have a high enough quality projector.

Sanders is setting up a meeting which will look at raising money and publicity of this issue.

This is the second and last (I think) set of Exec questions by the way.

No questions for PGDO.

SocFed President, Sophie Sanders is asked about what she would like to have used from SocFed candidate Georgia Cheyne’s manifesto. In short, she likes them all.

Only three vote for the motion, vast majority against so that motion is thrown out.

Members of Exec have left to go to their ERASMUS party.

Ali Cole, VP Democracy admits that he and the council chair David Haines looked at holding Council in Fusion over the summer but that it was deemed infeasible.

Cole also states that with societies and groups booking various rooms in the Union, changing the location of Council will prove difficult.

Jack Heskett really doesn’t think he has ever seen a room (except possibly Room 1 in Sing Off) busy enough to warrant such a motion which has “gone too far” in his opinion.

Essajee wants the motion to spark a discussion and is worried that when council is full there may be issues.

Huzaifa Essajee is making a proposal which states that Council Chambers is not fit for purpose.

Piers Harrison is speaking to oppose the motion. He states that there is air conditioning in the council chambers, and that council has never gone about the legal limit of 28 degrees.

Any room in the Union will be better than Cogs in my opinion.

Those changes have passed with a significant majority, 24 councillors vote for.

No secret voting down in Cogs tonight unfortunately due to technical issues. It’s also very, very dark so I apologise for any typing errors, I’m typing with the glow of my screen.

Lewis Timms is worried about councillors asking for meetings with too short notice. Heskett explains that he has left it common sense and a length of time to give the Exec team hasn’t been explicitly stated.

These are changes to Standing Order A on the constitution and they can be found here.

Both LSU President and AU President answer those questions with a very straight bat.

Jack Heskett has the results from a survey done by councillors, it’s very difficult to explain without the powerpoint he had prepared.

Changes include: Defines select committees, up to them when they meet, responsibility to Chair of Council to send out Exec reports.

Huzaifa Essajee is asking Ellie Read and Lewis Timms about the main points of candidates manifestos.

VP Welfare and Diversity is asked which manifesto point of the current VP Welfare and Diversity candidates she likes? Court admits she should be speaking to more students and she likes the point that Dave Tingle is making with his manifesto point to speak to 500 students a month.

That was actions from last meeting which have now been completed. Therefore we’re onto our first round of Exec report. Exec have an ERASMUS part to go to, so they are reporting to councillors first.

VP Finance Rory Mitchell is asked about advertisements from the Loughborough SU facebook which hasn’t been done as yet.

Question about the buy one get one free offer in Hey Ewe. Mitchell explains that there is no other income stream to cover the cost of the free drinks but he hopes that it’s recuperated in people through the door.

The meeting is underway in Cogs. Lincoln Chan is in the Chair of Council seat.

Actions from last meeting: Timms hasn’t managed to get the information from Kukri on kit.

Mitchell hasn’t got the breakdown figures of the shop but has looked into oil free cup. The alternatives are paper cups (costing double) or oil free plastic cups which cost four times as much.

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